■Our Mission

–To offer a competitive level of soccer and a player pathway from Youth to Adult. Building a European model soccer club that builds upon itself as part of the process. Participating members are expected to learn the key core values. The overall goal of this club is to facilitate growth within a player that seeks to play at the next level. Westrivetohavehighqualitycoachesanddirectors in place to help players achieve their playing goals. 


–Our Vision is to be recognized as one of the premier soccer programs in Colorado and outside of Colorado. We want to build a club structure that other clubs or coaches can emulate and grow from. To provide competitive opportunities for kids that have a desire to play at the next level and achieve their goals. To be recognized for player development and integrity within the soccer community. To instill our Core values in our players as a way for them to grow into better people on and off the field. To provide a professional environment that fosters growth and competition at the older age groups, while fostering a player pathway that lasts a lifetime.  

Core values: 

■Integrity / Respect / Honesty 

–Being trustworthy and sincere in accordance with experience and facts. Lying, cheating, stealing, or the appearance of impropriety are unacceptable. We take responsibility for our actions. We demonstrate our integrity when we work through disagreements with honesty and respect for others, when we honor our commitments and when we accept responsibility for our actions. We are fair with our players, parents, opponents, referees and governing organizations.


–Colorado Rovers is committed to fair communication of the business of the club. Open access and lines of communication is a staple of Colorado rovers


–We treat others with dignity. We take the high road in all our dealings. Our players are taught that fairness is the basis for sport and that the rules exist for the benefit of all competitors.

■Dedication / Commitment 

–Our players are expected to give their best when in competition and to work hard, within their team concept, in order to improve themselves. We expect Commitment from our players and the families of those players. 

–The club is dedicated to the growth and development of our players